Our is an organic a family farm, based in Raffadali, a small village in the province of Agrigento, a land traditionally renowned for its high quality agricultural production, not surprisingly chosen by the Greeks for the happy geographical position and fertility inland that supported the extraordinary development and economic growth of polis “Akragantina”.

In less than two centuries from its foundation, Akragas became one of the most populated cities in the Greek empire and one of the propulsive centers of Hellenic culture in the Mediterranean and then passed under countless dominations that influenced culture and traditions without  losing its historical characteristics.

Keeping links with this culture is a challenge for all Sicilians, who over the years has increasingly featured our activity, which maintains strong links with local culture and traditions but at the same time tries to keep pace  with the constant changes that have always typify work in the countryside.


With a total extension of about 50 hectares, the respect for the environment, the natural cycles of plants and the genuineness of products are the constant reference points of our work.
The great part of the extension is destined to the cultivation of almonds and olives trees; the remaining part is instead used for sowing cereals, smaller quantities of walnuts, pistachios, carob trees and fruits.

BIO 100%


Choosing an organic product of 100% Italian origin means supporting local producers, the economy of your land, and above all choosing a healthy product.



Our project is to enhance the products of our territory in compliance with organic farming practices.
The early harvest of the olives, the milling within the day of the harvest, the storage of the almonds in shell, which allows the fruit to preserve all its properties, are just some of the practices we follow to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

The choice of a 100% organic agriculture is to be ascribed to the founder of the company, Dr. Raffaele Terrazzino, my dad is a doctor who once retired, decides to turn what was a passion into a real business company, today after about 20 years, we can say that we have carved out an important niche for what concerns the production of high quality products and the continuous recognition and appreciation that we receive from our customers, are the flywheel that pushes us to deal with the same strength and the same commitment of the first days the challenges that we face daily.

The benefits generated by organic farming are many, and they are worth so much for our land as for the consumer.
Buying organic products means choosing healthier products for your health, but it also means contributing personally to safeguarding the resources of your planet.