Organic Almonds

We produce 10 tons a year



We produce different varieties and our activity consists also in advising the customer in his choice, depending on the different use he intends to make, it is a product of the highest quality, which is stored in shell and then subjected to careful selection before through special machines and to finish by hand

The two main cultivars are:

“Tuono”, with its larger dimensions and a very sweet taste, guarantees a very low percentage of bitterness, it is the almond that is mainly requested by those who eat it daily, for the confetti or for the sweet milk that is obtained.

“La Pizzuta”, is the traditional Sicilian almond, characterized by its slight bitterish aftertaste, its shell is much thicker and more resistant, it determines a greater conservation of the fruit inside it as well as a greater quantity of oil, these elements that make it suitable for the ice-creams and granitas of some of the most important Italian ice-cream parlors, like the Dè Coltelli of Pisa, Stefino in Bologna.

And even the historic German oil mill Ölmühle illingen can no longer do without it for its superb organic almond oil.

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