Extravirgin Organic Almods  Oil

Orgainc Oil and Defatted Flour from almonds and other nuts

For your Diet and your Skin


Inside our farm we also produce Pistachio and Walnuts, that together with the Almonds , we use for our new line of organic cold pressed nuts oil.

All of htem can be used for edible or cosmetic reason, with amazing  properties  in both their possible uses.

Extracted from carefully selected nuts via a cold pressing process, without use of solvents. This method guarantees, beyond a unique taste, high nutritional qualities, such as high values of oleic and linoleic acid, polyphenols and antioxidants. A new and inusual liquid dimension of the nuts.

Specially our ” Extravirgin organic almond oil”

Cold extracted with a mechanical press without the use of solvents, the only ingredient are our organic almonds, highly selected to avoid oxidation processes that would compromise it’s flavor and properties.

100% Natural it does not contain chemical additives, artificial perfumes or dyes.

It is used raw as a condiment in the kitchen to flavor desserts, salads, soups and vegetables. Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet, favoring the regularity of intestinal transit through an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system.

Thanks to its its very high moisturizing power it can be used also for the care and protection of the skin, miraculous on stretch marks thanks to the very high collagen content, it is also used to give shine and nourish the hair.Being a very light oil,  helps the hands to slide on the skin and its absorption speed is ideal for massage.

Thanks to the high content of vitamin E it is considered a natural anti-aging serum:

Vitamin E contained in almond oil is a natural antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and protects cells from UV damage and premature anging.

Skin cells, but also hair and nails, benefit from its regular use, thin folds decrease, the skin is soft, relaxed and velvety.

Linoleic acid and palmitic acid are two of the many valuable fatty acids contained in our almond oil. Both penetrate deeply into the skin tissue or the hair and nail structure. There, they hydrate and provide nutrients and balms for regeneration and elasticity.

Damaged nails and dry hair in particular will thank you for the treatment with our organic almond oil – with more vitality, more strength and, of course, a beautiful shine.

” Defatted almond Flour”

The defatted portion left over from pressing, finely ground, becomes a flour with a low lipid content, totally new, therefore immediately appreciated by the professionals in the field.

This flour keeps the taste and the flavour of nuts and mixes with other flours, giving the final products a longer shelf-life.

His request is continuisly inrceasing due to the evolution of the gluten-free market, perfect for this reason like substitute of the normal wheat flour to any possible use, as pasta, bread, noodles or pastries.

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