Organic extravirgin olive oil

Two kinds of olives, historically linked to our land

Olio Evo


We produce 2 different cultivars, typical of our region, “Biancolilla” and “Nocelara del Belice”, which gives us the opportunity to produce three different types of oil, in strict compliance with the rules that allow us to adhere to the PGI system “Sicilia “

“La Nocellara” Monocultivar is an oil with an intense green color with golden reflections, medium-intense fruity, with hints of artichoke, tomato and almond on the nose. On the palate it reveals bitter and spicy sensations in balance and medium intensity

“La Biancolilla” Monocultivar, fairly fluid, light green in color immediately after pressing and straw yellow after a couple of months of settling. This is light, slightly spicy fruity, and sometimes with hints of tomato, artichoke, almond and fresh grass

“Il Blend”, Our flagship product, given by 70% of Nocellara and 30% of Biancolilla, a perfect mix that combines the 2 most typical olives of our area.                                                                                         The intensity of Nocellara is slightly dampened by the softness of Biancolilla, giving to the oil a greater delicacy, making it a very balanced productIt is the favorite of our customers, who appreciate the intense aroma of green olives, the aftertaste of almond, cut grass and green tomato that make of it an excellent product for daily use on any dish raw than in the kitchen.

A product appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad, it has already present  also in the Japanese tables, which fills us with pride given their attention to the highest quality products.

The Harvest


Starts in early October when the olives are still green, that’s to guarantee a very high polyphenol content and a very low acidity %, is done either by hand or by mechanical means and the olives are cold-pressed by the day they are collected.

The oil is immediately after stored in steel silos in a controlled atmosphere, which allows a greater conservation of the product, in terms of quality and duration.

The oil is then bottled, raw unfiltered, unless specifically requested by the final consumer. The respect of each single procedure day by day guarantee high standard of quality.



It is an excellent raw condiment, to be used in salads, soups or to give the final touch to a slice of meat or roasted fish.

In Sicily we put it everywhere, aware of the fact that a reasonable use, not only flavor our dishes but at the same time gives a beneficial contribution to our body, thanks to a whole series of nutritive elements that distinguish it and that have been used for centuries , not only from the food point of view, but also as regards body and skin care.

A very typical dish for us, it’s something very easy, but at the same time. with nothing short of surprising flavor, a simple slice of hot bread with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper, a way of tasting the oil that enhances its flavor and transforms it from seasoning into the essential element of the dish.

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